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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Bedford Pressure Washing NH with Blue Sky Pressure Washing Service (603) 594-WASH "9274"

Why should I have my roof in Bedford, NH power washed? (Besides the fact that it looks DIRTY)

The black streaks and algae you see are eating away at the roofing material. As time goes on it causes premature aging and rotting!
The longer your roof has this growing on it, the sooner you will have to replace it costing you thousands of dollars for a new roof.

I am trying to sell my home should I have the roof cleaned?

We here at Blue Sky have realtors call us requesting our hot water soft wash process for roofs of their homes in Bedford and other towns in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.
They say, the first impression someone gets when they're looking to buy, is everything!
Approaching your home with a dirty roof makes buyers think it needs to be replaced when that's actually not what it needs.

Cleaning your roof not only improves visibility, but lengthens the life of the shingles.

Having a clean home will always benefit you in the long run.